CPD Courses for Lawyers

"...the Hudson Voice Technique is the best staff development course I have attended in twenty years.

It has made me totally rethink my own delivery style as a presenter and tutor..."

Mike Smith, senior lecturer, Manchester University

Licenses are now available to members of the Bar Association
throughout the United States of America.

All our courses are based on the Hudson voice Technique and include our online video course for lawyers.

All participants will be assessed by Steve and receive their certificate of completion in PDF format.

Once a purchase has been made, we will give access to participants and arrange any meetings with them via Skype.

Silver Edition

Distance Learning via our Online Video Course

Cost; $5.000,-

√ This includes access for 10 participants.


Number of Licenses

Gold Edition

Distance learning & assessment via Skype with Steve

Cost: $7.500,-

√ This includes training 10 participants.

Number of Licenses

The Hudson Voice Technique

There are many training companies, some of whom offer excellent management courses but none of them teach a specific technique for effective verbal communication.

That's why we train broadcasters, lecturers, voiceovers and
actors. Now, for the first time, you can take advantage of this unique training programme and become a professional and more powerful communicator.

All our courses are based on the proven Hudson Voice Technique.

It has been taught to thousands of people all over the world and is now available for the legal sector.

Learn to use your voice like a precision instrument to increase the impact you have on your audience.


'This course not only works, it really makes a difference'

Learn how to:

Control your pace 

– most of us talk too fast – especially when nervous
   or under pressure

Use the 3 Golden Rules between sentences 

– Sound more confident and decisive

Energise your voice 

– add immense power to your presentations

Control the tone of your voice 

– become a more dynamic public speaker

Recognise and Emphasise Red Flag Words 

– boost the impact on the audience

Create blocks of information

- make it easier for the audience to retain what you say

How to read a presentation script, autocue, teleprompter

– 95% perfect, without rehearsal

Steve Hudson

Master Class with Steve

Price on Application

Available upon request.

Steve travels to your offices in the USA.

Includes video training, voice training, teleprompt and body language