Voice Test

This may be amusing, but it shows how easy it is to make a mistake...

Woman, without her, man is lost

Woman without her man, is lost

It's not just what you say,
it's how you say it that wins the argument.

Lawyers spend a great deal of time studying and gaining experience. However, one thing is missing

- none of us were taught a communication technique at school, we were simply taught to string words together.

Of course, you may be a good presenter; the question is, could you be even better? The answer is an unequivocal ‘yes’. If the best newsreaders and actors had your knowledge and experience, they would be the best advocates in the world.

With your knowledge and experience, if you learn their technique, your advocacy will be greatly enhanced.

You can now benefit from our unique training programme and become a more powerful, persuasive and confident communicator.

Of course, we can all give a presentation. In a similar way we can all hit a golf ball or notes on a piano, but that doesn’t put you in charge. There is more to being a professional than that.

Just think of your favourite news reader or actor. Why are they so good at telling their story? Simply because they have been trained in a specialist technique.

So obviously, if you were taught a communication technique that was created specifically for legal presentations, your performance will improve.

The Hudson Voice Technique is a set of basic rules to follow when you read and speak, which put you firmly in charge of your voice and the way you deliver your message.

Test your voice