Introduction by Steve Hudson, creator of the Hudson Voice Technique

What makes one lawyer more successful than another?

The ability to tell their story better than their competition.


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"...Having to use my No. 5 voice has made me sound more sincere and this technique helps me to retain information quicker when studying a court case.

It is great to be able to make a presentation in such a way that people hang onto every word..."

Eleni Stasinou, Attorney at law.


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“Verbal communication skills are a professional necessity for lawyers,

yet it is all to easy to reach a plateau of competence

and forget about the further development of our strongest asset; our voice.”

Ryan Ottman, lawyer and editor of CPD for Lawyers Magazine

The Hudson Voice Technique communication skills course has been Accredited by the Law Society

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"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and come away convinced that this is an excellent way to learn how to use and control the voice more effectively...

for solicitors; advocacy, presentations, public speaking and more effectively presenting an argument in a meeting or a negotiation..."

Susan Brown, Assessor,

Solicitors Regulation Authority

The Hudson Voice Technique communication skills course is the world's only programme which teaches a specific set of rules for more confident and persuasive public speaking. This professional development training course for lawyers is the foundation for all lawyers after their legal training

What does your voice say about you?

Regardless of your speciality, one thing stands out - you studied for years for your qualifications, and you are now an expert in your field. However, there is one thing missing.
None of us were taught a communication technique at school, we were simply taught to string words together.

Newsreaders are probably amongst the best presenters in the world. This is because they have been trained in a professional technique.

The Hudson Voice Technique has been taught to the BBC, SKY, Bloomberg UTV in India, TV3 and 8TV in Malaysia, the Singapore Media Academy and other broadcasters for over 15 years.

Lawyers of all people have to be able to get their message across as clearly and effectively as possible. Whether it's persuading judge and jury or making sure clients or the press get your message. The way you come across is critical in your job. There is usually a lot at stake.

For the first time, our unique professional development training course is available for those in the legal profession.
Our customised course will give you the tools you need to become a more powerful, engaging and persuasive communicator - the result - the listener will have more confidence in you and what you say.

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'Now I understand why this technique

has been accredited by the Law Society'


There are 7 common mistakes made when we speak.
We all make at least 3 of them.

■          73% Talk too fast – the listener can’t keep up with you.
■          81% Run sentences into each other – the listener gets confused.
■          43% Use a rising inflection – reflects lack of knowledge.
■          29% Lack energy – sounds boring, listener tunes out.
■          34% Emphasise the wrong words – you’re not getting the message across.
■          18% Speak in a monotone – lose the interest of the audience.
■          32% Leave sentences open – reflects indecision.

Conducted in 2015 by Voice Master International of 1127 customers

'The Hudson Voice Technique is an invaluable resource'

Instinct versus Technique

The Hudson Voice Technique changes your speech pattern from instinct to technique. You become more aware of the way you speak and learn how to control your voice and the way you deliver words.

Without the proper technique, you are reading and speaking by instinct.

Dictionary definition:
instinct /in’stingkt’/ n. The innate aspect of behaviour that is unlearned.

In other words you are making up your own rules; you're ‘guessing’.

On the other hand, it describes technique /tek-neek/ as follows:

A set of specific rules which determine the degree of excellence.
2. The degree of skill or command of fundamentals exhibited in any performance.

The Hudson Voice Technique is the only technique in the world for verbal communication and consists of seven elements which guarantee to make you a more effective speaker and enable you to win more legal arguments.

The Hudson Voice Technique should be part of a lawyer's basic training because
it qualifies you to make a professional presentation.

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