About Voice Master International

Steve Hudson, CEO, Voice Master International

Steve Hudson worked for 3M Company and Xerox (London and Washington DC) as International Communications Trainer. He trained politicians and became Communication Consultant for members of the Senate and many of the Fortune 500 companies. He soon realised that most salesmen and politicians were well trained in product knowledge but many of them were poor communicators so it was obvious they needed a technique to be more positive and persuasive.

In order to find out more about using the voice professionally he decided to train at the Royal National Theatre in London to become an actor.

During the next few years he became a successful international voiceover, recording Fuji, Mitsubishi,  Guinness, Gallo Wine, Old Spice, Martini, Superman and many others. He came close to real stardom when Cubby Broccoli was casting for the lead role in James Bond movies; Steve said he lost by an eyebrow (and a few million pounds) to Roger Moore.

He has won a number of awards for production and performance, including Best Radio commercial at the Hollywood Radio and Television Society for ‘Sound International’.

About the Hudson Voice Technique

The Hudson Voice Technique is an entirely new and unique approach to communication skills training. The 7 elements of the course give you full control over your voice and they way you deliver words.

It's been taught for over 20 years, training Fortune 500 CEO's, BBC newscasters, call centre operators and many corporations including ING Bank, British Telecom, Carlsberg Tetley, and of course, those who want to earn extra money as a voiceover artist.

The course has been accredited by the Law Society UK. We train lecturers at Oxford and Manchester Universities and we are official trainers at the Singapore Media Academy. We also train Bloomberg UTV and Malaysian National Broadcasters.

Voice Master International has licensed partners in Singapore (Expatise Singapore), Malaysia (RMB Voice), India (Voiceline) and Nigeria (ProEmcees) who run classes and offer our online course.

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