Editorials about the Hudson Voice Technique from the Times, the Stage, CPD for Lawyers Magazine & Dr. Mike Clayton

Steve Hudson in a training session

CPD for Lawyers Magazine


by Ryan Ottman

If you are in a court room on a regular basis you will likely have had further training in advocacy skills, and if you find that you are successful in the courtroom it is probable that you will have found a
reliable ‘voice’ that contributes to your success.

The same analysis, in respect of the finding a ‘voice’, holds true when dealing with clients and counterparts outside of the court room; we instinctively find a pitch, tone and cadence suitable for the situation.

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The Power of Voice


by Mike Clayton

You only have to hear the clear, commanding tones of some of the finest actors – men and women – to believe in the power of the voice to influence.

Knowing the power of your voice to persuade and get results can only make you hungry to learn how. 

I was fortunate to meet a real expert recently, who showed how he has developed a range of skills and methods from rhetoric, performance and advertising into a powerful structured technique.

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The Times - In Good Voice


by Rebecca Ley

“Changing your voice can change your life,” says Steve Hudson, a former actor and professional voice coach. He claims that the way we talk holds the key to wealth, health and happiness and that he can teach anybody the secrets of success.

“Your voice is the most important tool you possess,” he says. “Without a confident voice you don’t impress. You might have lots of interesting points to make, but, if you don’t express them in the right way, nobody is going to listen.” This sounded pretty good to me.

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The Stage - Words - the Power of Persuasion


by Anna Swan

The voice is arguably the most persuasive selling tool we possess, communicating not only personality, but also knowledge. And we can all improve our voices, even to the level of a professional voiceover.

“There is no such thing as a natural reader,” says Steve Hudson of Voice Master International, “but almost anyone can be taught.”

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