Reviews of the Hudson Voice Technique


“Regretfully, a trial court is not designed to discover the truth.
It is designed only to discover which side has the most persuasive case”


James Murray LLM, Higher Courts Advocate




I would like to put on record that the Hudson Voice Technique is the best staff development course I have attended in twenty years. It has made me totally rethink my own delivery style as a presenter and tutor.

I have adopted many of the things that the course covered in terms of timing, voice control and delivery style and I would strongly recommend the Hudson Voice Technique course to anyone in the corporate world, as well as teachers and lecturers.

Mike Smith, Lecturer, Manchester University



I thoroughly enjoyed the course and come away convinced that the Hudson Voice Technique is an excellent way to learn how to use and control the voice more effectively, and that the skills acquired can be adapted for various purposes useful for solicitors; advocacy, presentations, public speaking generally, also for more effectively presenting an argument in a meeting or a negotiation, not to mention anyone who might want to set up a sideline in voiceovers.

I feel that the majority of solicitors would gain something from this course, and that the provider should be granted accreditation.

Mrs Susan Brown Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) assessor



By creating the unique Hudson Voice Technique, Hudson has established himself as the world's leading communication trainer.

As leading providers of psychometric testing services for conventional HR and E-marketing, we organise communication training for our practice and our clients. Steve Hudson has conducted a series of Master Classes over the past three years and his technique has had a dramatic effect on the confidence of participants, all of whom have reported a significant improvement in achieving their objectives.

James Grant, (CEO),


...the techniques I learnt on the course have helped me study for my Masters degree.

Through my own experience, it is assumed that reading is a given for the academic student.  However, the Hudson Voice Technique improves the efficiency with which you read and helps to absorb and assimilate information more effectively in any area.

Dr. Sarah Davis MBChB

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